While sailing…

  • Enjoy the amazing image of Neos Marmaras as you sail across the beach. Built in levels, picturesque, with island charm. Shoot the best commemorative photos and share them with your loved ones.
  • Admire the emblematic Porto Carras, one of the finest hotels in Greece. Due to its innovative architecture, it creates the illusion that emerges from Toroneos Gulf.
  • Get fascinated by the view of the lacy coastline south of the Porto Carras complex, by the small peaceful beaches where the pine green blends with the blue water.
  • Visit “Kelyfos”, the turtle-shaped islet, just opposite of Neos Marmaras. The extend of the island is 1 km2 and its dimensions are 1,500 meters long, 700 meters wide and 148 meters high. It is full of pine trees and wild olives and the only inhabitants of the island are the wild boar and gulls. The coastline is sharp, with steep slopes and shores. However, the rocks around the island create interesting caves and the diversity of the seabed is irresistible for snorkeling fans.
  • About 6 nautical miles away, you can find Spalathronisia, a cluster of uninhabited islets, known for the old fish tavern next to the sea. There is a small dock for boats visiting the tavern where you can enjoy fresh fish and Greek specialties.

…or just throw the anchor, relax and get traveled by the warm Mediterranean sun and the Aegean breeze.