10 October 2020

Greece can be proud of its endless coastline and the wonderful sandy beaches, not only on
the islands but on the mainland as well. Beautiful landscapes and crystal clear water
compose the overall landscape image in many regions of the country and Halkidiki is one of
the best places to visit.
Vourvourou is a seaside settlement in Sithonia, the middle “leg” of Halkidiki. It’s like heaven
on earth and an ideal destination, especially for boat journeys, just a breath away from
Thessaloniki. Its amazing coastline and natural landscape beauty attracts hundreds of
visitors each year and it’s gaining more and more loyal fans. Vourvourou, Livari, Xifara,
Karydi, Bara and Fava are the beaches that charm the visitors and offer them moments of
relaxation. There, in the peninsula of Sithonia, apart from the unique natural landscape, you
can enjoy moments of peace.
Turquoise waters, clear sandy beaches, green landscape and old fishing houses compose
an image of incomparable beauty. Pine-covered areas and small islands give this
picturesque image of Vourvourou and make it a favorite destination for those who live
nearby or far away.
Diaporos, Kalamonisia and Prasonisi are some of the islands whose crystal-clear waters
will make you think you are in an exotic destination.
In the area, you can find an accommodation that suits you and a variety of traditional
taverns, where you can enjoy fresh fish and the local cuisine.
All the beaches in Vourvourou have their own characteristics and Karydi is the diamond of
the area. With blue-green waters, white sand and pines near the sea, Karydi is protected
from the winds and the sea is calm even when the winds are blowing. Of course, as when
visiting any popular destination, it’s likely to be crowded, especially during the high season,
so it is better to go early in the morning or choose a daily boat excursion


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