Ormos Panagias is a very picturesque port about 5 km north of Vourvourou. Boats and small ships leave from here for daily cruises to Mount Athos, which are of the most favorite tours in Halkidiki. The area receives many visitors during the summer. The main attractions are the traditional taverns located around, where you can enjoy fresh fish and the local cuisine.

The Location of Ormos Panagias

Explore the beauties of Ormos Panagias

barbouni-sea-food-restaurant dinning_romance Ormos Panagias air photo Ormos Panagias limani orvou panagias limani-ormou-panagias ormos panagias at night ormos panagias tavern ormos-panagias-Sithonia ormos-panagias-sithonia-chalkidiki panoramic view of ormos panagias